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January 4, 2021
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January 5, 2021

All s up to now, earliest first… Was wonder what the chances are you would be creating a plugin for deviantART. Com Would like to to be able to post straight from LR2 into deviantART Unlikely, sorry, and any time soon. –Jeffrey — comment by Doug around 6th, 2008 at 10:58am JST (12 decades, 4 months ago) — comment permalink I am interested if you are working on a export plug into Apple’s iWeb and Gallery? I am not, sorry. I somehow expect that they would not wish to present a programmer’s account for me to get it done using… –Jeffrey Adam L 8th, am I have LR and love that your flickr plugin. Problem is that it takes FOREVER to export photographs. Have you got any suggestions regarding size, quality etc.. I usually export about 250 photos fora version to review on flickr so they do not have to be large or higher qaulity. I’m going from RAW to JPG and think that is the bottleneck. Like 170 photos are taking a few hours to export and upload to flickr. Running a three year-old HP laptop (2MB RAM) along with the photos ARE onto a USB external hard drive. Running XP. Appreciate any suggestions. Hate to move the pictures from the external hard drive as that is the place I maintain them. (little laptop HD is why). Thank you. The bottleneck is almost surely the upload 30 coleções grátis de presets do lightroom para fotógrafos – iphoto channel part, however you can check it for sure by exporting to local disc and see just how much faster it is. To lessen the upload size, you will have to minimize the file size. Needless to say, that means placing the image width/height to as little as you can handle, and reduce the quality to the minimum that will meet your needs. Also, use my metadata wrangler to eliminate metadata you do not need (like the embedded thumbnail). –Jeffrey Ken 10th,’m Thank you so much for your job with these. They are all great and very helpful. It is a pity about the iWeb/MobimeMe account. Cheers! Christopher C 11th, pm Hi Jeffrey, I love that the SmugMug uploader, has totally redefined my job flow! Have you got a paypal account or someplace I can donate cash to for the time and effort with this addon! Cheers Laurie I really do, but it is kind of hidden here. There’s also a little button at the Plugin Manger for it. Thanks! –Jeffrey 13th, am How do I make the plugin upload the first photo to Flickr without any adjustments to it, besides having the keywords go with it? I would like to use Flickr to get archiving/safe storage also. Select’Original’ for the picture format at the Export Dialog. –Jeffrey John 15th, am Jeffrey, I switched together with the extra settings, set picture format to’first’, Zero keywords and uploaded to Flickr

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