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October 28, 2020
October 29, 2020

You won’t find a ton of reviews for Lightroom presets or Photoshop actions on this site. But this is my second Mastin Labs review (see the first one here). The majority of presets packs, while powerful, tend to be quite wide and deflecting to new photographers. But Mastin Labs help serve a really niche crowd of photographers, myself included. I used to shoot on film every week. I’d burn dozens of rolls of film, and invest countless dollars on development. Why? Since there’s a magic to shooting on film. A texture, a dynamic variety, a colour, which I found impossible to replicate with digital. But then in 2015 I started long-term travelling. Film needed to take a back seat for two reasons. I don’t have room for extra cameras and picture from my bag. And it is impossible to find a high-quality lab that will create hi-res scans onto a memory stick into each city I visit. Not to mention the price tag! I shoot on film. And for the longest time, I made it. That’s until I discovered Mastin Labs. They are possibly the best film emulation presets for Lightroom. What You want to Know About Lightroom Presets Lightroom presets may help save you a whole lot of time when it comes to processing photos. And if you are not a FREE Mastin Lightroom Presets specialist editor, chances are they’ll allow you to do a much better job than you will do on your own. However, before you start using any presets, there is a few things you want to know. Software You may (rather obviously) want your own copy of Adobe Lightroom. There’ll also be a minimum model of Lightroom the presets will work with. By way of instance, Mastin Labs require Adobe Lightroom Version or high (circa 2012). A few other presets require the latest version of Lightroom, CC (6. 0). Shooting Formats Presets are designed to process RAW files. JPEG documents are already processed in-camera and also won’t be exact following the presets are applied. You Need to take RAW. Camera Compatibility Many presets will work at any camera manufacturer. Kirk Mastin is such a perfectionist that each pair of presets includes little alterations for different camera brands. So although these presets will operate with any camera, then they’re made specifically for Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Sony. Refunds It’s fairly common for merchants of Lightroom presets not to offer refunds, even as they can not be’returned’. Therefore, if you are unsure about whether you want the presets, reach out to encourage and have them process one for you. Or in the case of all Mastin Labs, you can combine the Enormous 20k+ FB neighborhood

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