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It comes as no surprise that the MacBook Pro is really popular. Its outstanding build quality combined with Apple’s signature design has established what many will argue is the single biggest laptop brand money can purchase. Sure, Apple’s OS is much more intuitive, more robust, and, sometimes, simpler than standard Windows models, but while Macs excel in the tech department, they have a tendency to fall from the competition when it comes with additional features. It’s not to mention these features don’t exist, but that they don’t come standard like they do in competing models. Luckily, Apple, and a good deal of other manufacturers, have generated countless accessories to assist up your Macbook’s game. From instances to camera covers, our selection covers all you want to get the absolute most out of your notebook. Have a peek at our 28 favourite Macbook Pro accessories below. 1. Airpods Pro With active noise cancellation, fitted strategies and general better audio quality, it’s clear why the Airpods Pro are among Apple’s most sought out Macbook Pro accessory. When you want to zone in on your podcast or music, the more active sound cancellation effectively blocks the rest of earth. However, while someone should talk with youpersonally, you can switch on the transparency way to hear them and yourself obviously without mac laptop accessories needing to remove your Airpods. Airpods truly booted up with the Pro version. Courtesy of Amazon 2. Syntech USB C into USB Adapter (2 Pack) It may be frustrating when you have info to a USB-A thumb drive which you can not link to a MacBook Pro. Fortunately, the Syntech USB-C into USB A port alleviate this headache with a little and useful converter that plugs right into your USB-C and does not stretch out too much. The Space Gray coloring fits most new MacBooks and supplies 5Gbps transfer rates for quick data transfers. Crisis averted. 3. Anker USB-C Hub to get Macbook Direct USB Adapter Sometimes one adapter just isn’t enough. What about all of your hard drives, displays and other accessories which need to plug into something besides USB-C ports? The Anker USB-C Hub turns your not-so-connected MacBook in a connected device with two USB interfaces, 1 Thunderbolt 3 interface, micro and standard SD card readers, one HDMI and also a USB-C port. It connects straight to a MacBook Pro appearing like a bit of the laptop instead of an extension. 4. Audioengine A2 + Macbook Pro or let’s face it computer speakers suck. Even if they are not poor, they’re still not good, especially when compared to the sweet, sweet sounds of those Audioengine speakers

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