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October 19, 2020
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October 20, 2020

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Besides, Data Shield ensures that even in case of hacking, all the sensitive information will be safe. Avast software also offers Fake Sites Alerts that aim to protect against data leaks caused by hackers. The Internet is abundant in counterfeit sites that can infect your PC or mobile device. The Fake Sites Alert options cover different aspects of security, and every user will find these helpful while using the Internet. Several security features and tools available in the packages will impress you for sure.

Avast has been working on advances to make sure that the users get a decent protective software and numerous lab tests can prove this. Therefore, if it is the first time when you search for good quality antivirus, you can try Avast Free. Avast Free is beneficial due to its easy interface and accessibility, which allows working without any malfunctions and fear of malware intrusions.

It earned a 100% protection-usability score in AV-Test and was downloaded more than 100 million times. Regular scans, detections of malicious apps, and verification of Wi-Fi security – that’s what you’ll get with it. Ransomware Shield is an exclusive offering available in the Avast Premium Security suite and Avast Omni application. You can always be sure that no intrusion and unauthorized access can damage your sensitive data.

If you decide to go with this plan, additional software like Avast Secureline, Cleanup Pro, and Password Premium will be available with huge discounts. Today, mail protection is also a critical cyber issue, and the Avast Anti-spam feature is a must for those who want to make sure that no junk and spam mail can get into their inbox. Anti-spam works well with such PC mail clients as Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. the feature frees the mail management software from all unneeded stuff.

The element named Sensitive Data Shield checks all the users and apps that may have access to your information. You can use the Data Shield function to scan sensitive files, documents, and thus, protect them from malware or unauthorized access. Confidential information is anything that contains some personal details about you. The feature is an excellent way to secure your identity and privacy.

When the device is protected, and there are no potential threats, you’ll see a green checkmark (it changes to red when you’re in danger). In our own malware-hosting URL test, Avast instantly blocked access to 60 percent of the URLs and managed to eliminate 30 more percent right at the download stage. Compared to McAfee and Bitdefender , that’s an above average result, but still not very impressive. Reliability is the most critical aspect of any antivirus solution, along with security. For most modern-day antiviruses, it’s almost impossible to earn a top score in offline and real-time virus detection and removal tests.

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Ransomware Shield specializes in the protection of the users’ files, records, photos, etc. note that photographs and documents are protected by default, while you still can add extra folders anytime you need. This package includes ransomware protection, real-time security alerts, and more.

As we just mentioned, this is a very easy-to-use antivirus. As for the Avast user interface, it’s on par with critically-acclaimed antiviruses like Kaspersky and Bitdefender. The interface is very simple; at the same time, it is highly informative, and it’s easy to navigate through the available options and menus.

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